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Small Business Trial Defense Supplement

Legal protection for your business,

in and out of a courtroom.

Trials can be expensive and time consuming. Having legal defense is vital when your business is a named defendant in a lawsuit.


LegalShield’s Small Business Trial Defense Supplement offers affordable trial defense services that can be added to an active Small Business Plus membership. You’ll receive access to a provider attorney to assist with your trial defense, including pre-trial hours – allowing you to stay focused on running your business.

“My experience with

LegalShield is always second to none. Their 

professionalism and 

knowledge have been very reassuring. As a business owner, I rely frequently on their support and guidance.”

- J. Bergin. LegalShield Member

Empower Your Small Business Legal Plan

The Small Business Trial Defense Supplement can be added to LegalShield’s Small Business Plus and Small Business Pro Plans, giving your business access to trial preparation and courtroom representation.

Trial Defense Services

Sometimes, businesses run into legal issues and are named as defendants in a lawsuit. A Small Business Trial Defense Supplement can be added to an active Small Business Pro or Small Business Plus membership, providing 100 hours of trial defense services (pre-trial and trial) every year.2 Trial defense services include defense for covered lawsuits in the United States.

Small Business Trial Defense Supplement

+ 25 Pre-Trial Hours         + 75 Trial Hours        = 100 Total Hours

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