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Smart, simple Legal protection on and off the road.


Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan

Life Events

Legal Plan

Coverage starts at



Tragic Accident Representation

License Reinstatement

Moving Violations

DOT and Non-Moving Violations

Property Damage Collection (Up to $2000)

Personal Injury Collection (Up to $2000)

CSA Consultation

All Other Transportation Related Legal Work at 25% Discount

Coverage starts at



Dedicated Law Firm.

Legal Advice/Consultation on unlimited
personal issues.

Letters/Calls made on your behalf.

Contracts/Documents Reviewed up to 15 pages.

Residential Loan Document Assistance.

Lawyers prepare your Will/Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney/Financial Power of Attorney.

Speeding Ticket Assistance.

IRS Audit Assistance.

Trial Defense (if named defendant/respondent in a covered civil action suit).

25% Preferred Member Discount (bankruptcy, criminal charges, DUI, personal injury, etc.).   

24/7 Emergency Access for covered situations.

Coverage starts at          


ID Shield Logo.png
  • Privacy & Security Monitoring.

  • High-risk account monitoring.

  • Social Media Monitoring.

  • Credit Monitoring.

  • Credit Inquiry Alerts.

  • Instant hard inquiry alerts.

  • Consultation.

  • Full-Service Restoration.

  • 1 Million Dollar Service Guarantee. 

  • New! Trend Micro Maximum Security

  • New! VPN Proxy One

  • New! Password Manager

  • New! Enhanced Privacy

  • New! Financial Threshold Account Monitoring

  • New! Privacy Reputation Management

  • New! Social Media/Online Reputation Score

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