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Home Business and Business Plus Supplement

With the right resources, running a business can be easier and more efficient.

Hiring a law firm for your home business can be expensive. And with DIY legal websites, you may not know the best actions to take or have access to consultation with an attorney when you need it. Join thousands of small businesses and get easy, affordable access to a provider law firm for personalized legal advice and consultation with LegalShield’s Home Business Supplement.

Home Business Supplement

Expands your family coverage to include home business

legal matters.

Advice, Consultation and Research: Legal consultation, plus research, for home business legal matters.


Letters or Phone Calls: Legal support with letters and phone calls from provider attorneys.


Designated Consultation: Legal advice on specific business legal matters related to your home business.


Document Review: Have business legal documents reviewed by a provider attorney.


Collection Letters: When collection letters are necessary, your provider law firm can help.


IRS Audit Legal Services: Receive legal assistance during IRS audits.


Interstate Services: Receive legal assistance for out of state business.

Business Plus Supplement

Expands your Small Business Plan coverage to include

business consultation and marketing tools.


Ask a Business Consultant: Consult on any question concerning your business related to HR, business plans/strategies, marketing, customers, hiring or finance. Simply log in and submit your question and a business consultant will return a response within 48 hours.3


Business Forms: Access vital business forms including promissory notes, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, non-competes and more.4


Website Builder: Every business needs an online

presence! With easy to use tools and templates, you

can launch a professional website with e-commerce

and CRM integration, without hosting and maintenance



CRM Tool: Customer Relationship Management Tools

to help manage your contacts and potential customers.

Track marketing campaigns, follow up on leads, schedule

meetings and more

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